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Star Trek star dies in tragic circumstances at his L.A. home

Anton Yelchin, best known for his roles in Alpha Dog, Star Trek and Terminator Salvation, has died suddenly at his Los Angeles home yesterday, aged just 27.

Early yesterday morning, Anton was found by friends pinned between his car and a brick pillar outside his home in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, in what was described as a freak accident. After he exited his car while in his driveway, the jeep seems to have rolled back and trapped him against the pillar and a security fence. He was pronounced dead later that day. The LA County coroner's office identified the cause of death as blunt traumatic asphyxia, and stated that there were no obvious suspicious circumstances involved.

It has since been reported that Anton's jeep, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, was the subject of a voluntary recall this year after a gearstick design caused drivers to miss that their car was in neutral, not park. This meant, that after the gear was shifted, it would spring back to its original position, with just a warning light on the stick alerting drivers to the fact that the Jeep was in neutral.

Anton Yelchin

1989 - 1916